Heather Neal

My things have been quiet on my end, though that doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind the scenes. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since this Climb365 journey started. While I haven’t ended up with a complete platform yet, it’s underway and in the making. I’m grateful […]

Looking Back, Moving Forward

working with toddlers 3
It’s officially “back to school” season and I’m loving it for more than the obvious reason – that it’s time for my son to go back to school. I’m loving it because I’m reminded of exactly why I want to work on this Climb 365 project, which is a nice comparison […]

In Betweens

working with toddlers 3
The irony is not lost on me that I’ve chosen to work on a project that empowers women and moms to take control of their work-life by placing it in their own hands, giving them the control and flexibility to make their job fit into their life, when I’m sitting […]


Heather Neal
Tonight four of the C365 participants and some of the CCL staff hopped on a virtual peer-circle session to learn how to support each other in our journeys despite the vast differences between our paths. Our goals and aspirations couldn’t be more different, but our thoughts, fears, joys, and experiences while […]

Peer Circling

My Climb365 project is a concept, not something with a concrete, goal-oriented result. I’m good with goals – checking things off lists, accomplishing a task, moving to the next stop. I’m not so good with an abstract idea that I can’t succinctly explain. It makes getting started difficult. Luckily, I […]

Taking Control

So here’s the part of the process where I stop and ask what I just got myself into. I’ve actually been asking myself that question since I got the phone call letting me know I’d be chosen as one of the five Climb365 participants. I know that bit of fear and […]

On Fear

Hey all! Here’s a quick video update about my Climb365 project; a little bit more of what it’s about and why I want to do it in the first place. I listed some highlights below in case you’re not a video-watcher and just want to cut to the chase. \\ […]

What It’s About

Heather Neal
“If you’re doing it right, it should be enough.” A friend {and fellow League member} casually dropped those words in conversation as we were briefly catching up. She has no idea what an impact they’ve made on me. She was referring to being a stay at home mom, though the […]

Something More