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Video Update!


Molly Paul

As a member of the Jane Goodall Institute Roots and Shoots National Youth Leadership Council, I am a leader and educator for Roots and Shoots groups across the nation. Today, I joined 17 other outstanding youth in San Francisco for a conference. I cannot wait to learn new things and meet my other council members in person! Peace, Molly #NYLCinCA

Day 5 of STEM to LEAF

Molly Paul

Hi everyone! Today the campers spent the morning discussing patterns and infinity in fractals. They also spent time in the Visualization Lab in the NRC. It was so sad to see all of my campers leave but I know they enjoyed it and learned a lot! Peace, Molly

Day 4 of STEM to LEAF

Molly Paul

Today we has the BEST tour and lab activities at FREEDM Systems Center. I am so thankful to Dr. Pritchard, Dr. Jensen, Mr. Kassa, and all of the graduate students to facilitated this amazing morning! In the afternoon, the campers went box turtle tracking and had a ton of fun. Peace, Molly

Lost in the Woods

Peg & Sierra starting out.

When’s the last time you’ve been really lost? Last week, my husband, daughter, and I went hiking again. According to my Fitbit, we hiked 14.6 miles. Looking at the map, only 6 miles of those 14.6 were on the Mountain to Sea Trail (MTST). I had heard that there were sections of the trail that were not marked very well.Read the Rest…

Day 3 of STEM to LEAF

Molly Paul

Hi everyone! Today we did some fun activities with an egg drop and an enzyme lab! I’ve been on my feet a lot these past 3 days. I was told to “take it easy” with my sprained ankle but that’s easier said than done. I took off my brace this afternoon and my ankle looked the worst in has sinceRead the Rest…

Day 2 of STEM to LEAF

Molly Paul

Today was fantastic! The campers got to see me do a live animal demo with some program animals in the morning. They also had a fascinating discussion about ethics and leadership in the NRC. To top off the day they got tours “behind the scenes” at the museum and got to explore different websites using iPads! Can’t wait to seeRead the Rest…

Day 1 of STEM to LEAF

Molly Paul

Today was wonderful! The campers heard from the wonderful Dean Holland about leadership and got to build bridges . Pictures of the week to come! Peace, Molly


Molly Paul

Hey everyone! So yesterday I was ice skating and fell and sprained my ankle. After it swelled to about the size of an egg my family decided to take me to the doctor to get some x-rays done. I am happy to say I have no broken bones or fractures, but I have to wear a brace and take itRead the Rest…

SMS Campers

Molly Paul

So happy to give some campers at a Saint Mary’s School summer leadership camp a tour of the program animal room at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences today! Peace, Molly