Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting lately, I had the flu and was out of school for a week. I’m feeling much better but catching up with work for three AP classes has not been fun.

I’m really excited for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica to speak at the Education First Global Student Leadership Conference in San Jose. Dr. Jane Goodall is the keynote and I can’t wait to hear from her! My talk will be about using Google Maps and I’ll be presenting with my friend, Madi Vorva, co-founder of Project ORANGS. You may recall that Madi presented with me in Raleigh at the ASTC conference and I can’t wait to see her again in March! I’ll bring pictures back to post.

Also, I’m going to test for my Advanced SCUBA certification in March. The water temperature around here is 48 degrees so think warm thoughts for me!!

Finally, I may not be in town for STEM Leadership Camp at Saint Mary’s School this summer, so that’s something I’m having to figure out, hopefully it will all work out.




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