EF Global Student Leaders Summit

Hi Friends,

My recent trip to Costa Rica to present at the EF Global Student Leaders Summit was amazing!! I met students and teachers from around the world and had the best time speaking about how they could use Google Mapping to address challenges and create community-based service projects at home. Also, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Jane Goodall. This was incredible and I was thrilled that I could talk with her.
*All photo credit to Kamilah Martin and JGI*
My photograph with Dr. Jane Goodall.
Members of the US JGI National Youth Leadership Council touring EARTH University. IMG_2287-L
Members of the NYLC and one of our leaders before Dr. Goodall’s keynote. IMG_2348-L
Madi and I presenting on community mapping. IMG_2354-L
Giving some background about myself.
My map of Raleigh!
Taking audience responses during the interactive portion of our presentation where students addressed challenges in a map of the area surrounding our hotel. IMG_2375-L
An artist brought by EF drew this incredible picture of Roots and Shoots while she was listening to Dr. Goodall’s keynote.
Two of my friends on the NYLC at the hotel.

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