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Last weekend, I had my first Wine and Painting Event!   Here are a few “Before” shots of the event space. I am fortunate enough to have great friends that own a winery near me, called Naked Mountain Winery, in Markham VA. They were so accommodating and giving and allowed me […]

Sipping and Painting…

Molly Paul
            Hi everyone! StoryCorps was a huge hit! The Museum of Natural Sciences was invited to participate in StoryCorps as a result of winning the National Medal for Museum and Library Service in May. To quote the press release from the NCMNS website, “After the […]


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Dr. Koster, the director of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, welcoming the guests from 40 different countries to the ASTC annual conference. His leadership and vision is what enabled me, as well as other youth, to participate in this event for the first time in ASTC’s 40 year history. […]

Photo Journey of ASTC

If you forgot that today was National Forgiveness Day, don’t worry. Take a moment and forgive yourself. I only found about it while surfing on the website and lamenting the fact that I missed celebrating Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day and National Ships in a Bottle Day. […]

The Mystery of Forgiveness

     The Major League Baseball World Series started two nights ago. Those who know me personally would be astonished that I’m aware that it’s going on right now; they would be even more shocked to know that I’ve tuned in a little. However, baseball has a special place in […]

Batter Up!

Molly Paul
I was honored to represent Saint Mary’s at ASTC and have felt very supported through my academic experiences there. I hope our panel discussion and meeting with Moore Square Middle School was successful in reaching out and inspiring other youth to take action in their communities. For more info about […]

ASTC Links

Today is Sweetest Day! So I thought I’d take a moment to share with you one of the “sweetest” spots on the trail that I’ve found so far. If you’re not familiar with Sweetest Day, it started the 1920’s by Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland philanthropist and candy employee. Herbert wanted to do […]

Sweetest Day

If you sit very still and listen, today’s the day you’ll hear a collective vacuum sound. It’s the high hum of employees everywhere as they suck up to and celebrate their bosses. I actually look forward to Boss’s Day. Maybe because I’ve had many different bosses. Some great, some good, and some that […]

Happy (Trail) Bosses Day!

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Hello friends, We are one week out from ASTC and I am so excited! I received some great news recently, I will be participating in the keynote with world renowned biotechnologist, Dr. Hayat Sindi. She is the first woman from a Gulf nation to ever receive a PhD in biotechnology, […]